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Top commands for Linux learners

The following list of main commands via terminal and its purposes, for linux beginners to have a north in their daily use of the system:

Aptpackage manager/applications for Debian and derivatives
apt-getpackage/application manager for Debian and derivatives with few more options than apt
apt-markversion "freeze" manager to not update an app by apt (options: hold and unhold)
aptitudepackage manager/applications with better features for re-fixing dependencies for Debian and derivatives
Catview file content directly in the terminal
CDdirectory access
Chmodcontrol of file/folder access permissions
Chownfile/folder property control
Curlperforms http requisitions
DNFpackage/application manager for RHEL and derivatives
DPKGpackage/application manager with other features for Debian and derivatives
exitexit, close, or terminate application
Historycommand history in the terminal
journalctlview system events
Killkill a process by pid
manmanual of an app
Mountassemble unit
passwduser password exchange
Pkillkill an app by name
pingcarries out data packets to verify connectivity between devices
Scpfile copy via ssh protocol
Snapsnap package manager
SSHshell connection via network
sudorun something like super user
systemctllinux process manager
Unamedistro information
unitedecompresser of any file
wgetfile downloader
whereisdetails of an app
Yumpackage/application manager for RHEL and derivatives

All commands have add-ons for them to run, the idea of the list is just to create that mental trigger of knowing which of the commands to resort to. The list was built with the latest records of my history, plus Rhel's package managers.

It's not complete and it's not a guide, just a tip.

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