Activating gelatinous windows and other effects in Deepin 20 without KDE SystemSettings

Hello, the final Deepin 20 has finally been released but we still see some needs for tweaking and implementations.

I believe that some of the existing backlogs come from the development team's anxiety about abandoning KDE/KWin brands, forcing each day to expand their ecosystem and own applications.

I noticed that a new feature, released in build 1000 or 1001 was the direct configuration of the Magic Lamp effect within the Control Panel. This at first seemed to me to be a sign of internalization of kde system settings features. However, looking back at libraries and delayed versions, I saw that deepin 20's deficit in the face of Debian Buster, its base distro, is considerable. There's no way to understand why…

For now I see no reason to leave Deepin for these matters since I can get around them. So here comes a tip: how to activate gelatinous windows and other effects without using KDE System Settings?

Insert the lines below into the file: nano ~/.config/kwinrc


After entering these codes that will activate the most basic effects plugins, turn the following command to activate them within KWin: ~> qdbus org.kde.KWin

Done this restart the session and be happy!

Did you like this information or have any questions? Send it and we'll try to help.

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