How to install dnsonly cPanel on CentOS server with 512Mb Ram

Sometimes we need or want to have a DNS server for WHM cPanel for external synchronization/mirroring, without having to spend too much. By purchasing a cheap VPS of 512Mb of ram (minimum to have quality, experience of our own), we can circumvent the installation process by changing the minimum server requirements. Here are the steps:

  1. Download installer: curl -the latest-dnsonly -L
  2. Start custom installation: sh latest-dnsonly --keep
  3. Edit the installation file inside the created folder: vi /installd/install
  4. Change the key below:
    my $min_memory_rules = {
    default => 512, # CentOS 5/6 => in a better world should be 512
    7 => 1_024, #CentOS 7
  5. Save the file and continue the installation: sh bootstrap-dnsonly