How to exchange the DNS of the router, fleeing from hackers who generate the connection error and steal data on the internet.

Whether experienced or new hackers, internet evil entrepreneurs, everyone has used an old strategy, but it is still effective and easy to make money or capture information. This is the intrusion of routers and internet connection modems and the exchange of the standard data of the DNS Servers of the connection.

Sometimes we receive the equipment of the telephone companies and our only concern is to learn what the reset button is for, where to connect the cables and finally make the equipment work and therefore the internet. But there are some idea steps that don't even come in the instruction manual.

Some equipment comes with its security features open and making them accessible externally to our home or company, so hackers access and change login data and targeting the internet connection. This is possible thanks to the user and default password that comes registered, being for both: "admin", or even "admin" and "12345"… Unlikely and difficult-to-figure variations don't you think?

Anyway, how to make the internet safer? To be comprehensive and assist everyone, I will give general and non-specific explanations for each device. So everyone will be able, following knowledge, to solve their problem.

Let's go step by step:

1º) Discover the IP for access to the router or modem, the so-called Gateway: For this access in your operating system the network connection, ask for properties and look for the details field. In this detail you can identify the gateway number, which can be such as:"" or "" or "" or ""… you will not shy away from this pattern if you have received direct from your mobile operator.

2º) Accessing the router or modem: Having the IP number of the Gateway, enter this address in your browser (Chrome or Firefox or Internet Explorer, any program that uses to access websites). Below your modem or router may contain described login data, but if you are not try the user and password standards: admin and admin or admin and 12345 or Admin and Admin… if these patterns still don't work, search for the data informing the device model on Google.

3º) I accessed and what should I do? On the connection configuration screen there will be at least two fields destined to the IPs of the DNS servers of your connection. In this field you will inform, informing or replacing those that are, the following IPs in the fields: DNS 1: and DNS2:

4) Change the access data to the modem or router: In the security area of your equipment will be available settings of access users or even the single user access. We recommend keeping the user as admin but make the change of password for something not so obvious, this new password can be written and pasted on the underside of the equipment, so that you always have access when in fact you are near and reconfiguring it.

5º) Close remote access to the modem or router: Another relevant point is to inhibit someone outside your home has access to the management of your equipment, for this also in the security area, disable the item Remote Access or External Access.

After saving all these actions your device should restart and renew your internet connection.

Ready! From this moment on your internet connection will be seeking information for connection through Google's servers, free of government and insurance problems.

If you are still interested in increasing the effectiveness of this action, you can configure DNS sevidores directly also on your Operating System, will be the same DNS servers of Google, but a different procedure, this one that I can explain in the future.

If you need to get in touch, it will be wonderful to be able to assist.

This article was motivated by the massive identification of this problem and the financial losses that some people are having, this by accessing through malicious targeting cloned websites of banks and having their data stolen. We seek to assist in a better experience with the Internet and make it safer for your daily use, however it is important to point out that we will not be responsible for your configuration actions in your equipment, being your full responsibility. We are providing generic information that certainly helps, but everyone should understand their limitations about technological knowledge and know the time to call a specialized technician for this action.