How to update the Deepin Kernel

To update the Deepin kernel there is the possibility of using the Ubuntu kernel made available by Canonical. I write here i use this procedure to be able to keep my Deepin updated more often. I have never had any problems, but I say that the responsibility for the act is individual, I do not make a recommendation here, I just inform the procedure and I am not responsible for any error. It's worth it to me!

If you ask me: What do I get from the Kernel update?
Resetting: I've seen in practice improved hardware performance, reduced processor/gpu (Intel) heating, increased network performance… anyway, update is for this.

Here are the steps:
1) Access Ubuntu's kernel base:

2) Look for the version that interests you and access. Today the most stable version is 4.19.11 >

3) Search the files according to the architecture of your processor, I will exemplify using the 64 bits:

> Download the files and install in the following sequence:

1st – linux-modules

2nd – linux-image-unsigned

3rd – linux-headers……...._all.deb

4th – linux-headers

** I do not use lowlatency versions and in another article I explain the characteristic of it. You do not need to download and install it.

> Install the files using Deepin's own graphical manager or dpkg.

> After the 4 files are installed, speak the GRUB update and verify that the Kernel version has been added as a boot option:

I hope I helped you who is also more relaxed having the system up to time.