Deepin consuming too much CPU

If you have been very fond of using Deepin, but have been left with hot head and cpu by over-processing consumption, be aware that follows the tip.

At the time of Ubuntu with Unity, we had Zeitgeist, an indexer of disk content, actions, hishistory, etc. Its function was to speed up access to data, but this had a relevant cost. At Deepin we have a similar tool, it's the deepin-anything-tool, which just like unity has considerable cost for your day to day.

The CPU consumption of this tool is daunting depending on your degree of writing to disk. Many reports on the Internet speak of 90%, 99% or even 100% of consumption for a long time.

I disabled this service and felt no loss of performance. I point out that I use SSD, but honestly I don't believe this indexing service is worth it for the hardware cost it has.

The commands were:

[code] ~$ systemctl stop deepin-anything-tool [/code]

[code] ~$ systemctl disable deepin-anything-tool [/code]

From then on it was just happiness.

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