Deepin 20

Deepin 2020 will come based on Debian Buster. This will bring an update of the main libs that today prevent the system from receiving the latest versions of the apps.

However, it is always important to remember that we can solve this pecs of repositories. In my day to day I decided to update the PPAs I needed most, such as Firefox, Chrome, Thunderbird, VSCode, graphic driver with Oibaf repository, among others and ball forward. The new versions that could not even be updated, for example by the version of libc6 that in Deepin 15.11 is v2.24, older, I installed the programs via snap, flatpak and appimage. The linux world is this, satisfaction to have solutions always.

Today I always have the most current versions than I need, BUT remember, check if the apps require the libc6 above version 2.24. In this case use snap, flatpak and appimage. It is the only restriction that will be resolved with the arrival of Debian 10.

The look of Deepin Linux is considered today one of the most beautiful and functional linux world. I'd say it's the prettier. There are also those who refute saying that there is the possibility of transforming other desktops to look similar to Deepin, such as KDE, Mate, Gnome, etc., but the experience is not the same.

In November, with no date set, there will be the release of the first release and by the end of December will close corrections. January there will be the launch.

However, in my view, the only advantage I want to take from this new version is the new debian buster base. That's great. But of course, I say because I still do not know what awaits me on this new desktop.