Is it worth upgrading the kernel of my linux?

Hello, I've always been an invetendo eater than is more current, but there's always time to review concepts. I think this happens harder when the beard starts to whiten.

I use Deepin linux a year ago, I came from many years of using Ubuntu. With Ubuntu we learn to devour updates, happen every minute. At Deepin, because it has its base in debian stable, which is more conservative in atalizations, things go slower.

When it comes especially to security we are even more zealous, we hear too much about kernel updates, that Torvalds already works on version 5.3 of Linux, …, and then, I screw or not because i'm using version 4.15 today? (Post date 2019-10-24)

Well, everything around here depends. It depends on whether your hardware is being supported, it depends on whether your distribution (linux version) is supporting the kernel, among other things.

Basically, look at it this way:

  1. New hardware with low performance and saw that will have new driver version in the new kernel, worth upgrading. But notice on larger blogs if they haven't released some way for you to cover that hole with some path, or update only the same driver.
  2. Old hardware with nifty performance, don't mess at all. Follow up with the updates of the distribution itself and be happy.
  3. Old hardware with substandard performance, or unsupported, unrun. Look for the kernel that supported it, evaluate whether it is a supported version, and downgrade. BUT IMPORTANT: DOWNGRADES HAVE RISKS. Your system may stop working, programs/applications/services may stop working. You have to evaluate what you have on hand and the compatibilities.
  4. Old kernel, but supported by distribution, ok hardware, is ok and time that is gaining does not move.

I did kernel updates several times, until a few weeks ago the 5.13 version broke me literally. It took me a day to get it all back, but I got it. Thanks to the infinite backups ended all right.

Honestly I was very happy with the updates. Until 5.11 the performance of my note improved basque, even with old hardware and no specific updates for it, something i did not research caused it to heat up less and the graphics improved. Look what I use a Jurassic and Warrior Intel Graphics 3000 in the development note.

Anyway, after this lost day and a delay with work delivery, I returned the version supported by Deepin and here I am, using the note the same way.

After all this written, I came to the conclusion that I could only have written the sentence: Only update if you need truth, or leave quiet rs.

If you've read this far, thanks for reading. If I can help me something, leave your comment or contact me on my Twitter @danielsob

I hope I've been helpful and even more.