Pin Deepin Dock to Main Monitor (First Monitor)

Deepin Linux is an exceptional distribution, we who are users know how pleasurable it is to keep the day to day working on this desktop.

More native and translated applications are introduced every day, as well as more third-party applications added to your own store. The system has the basis of its repositories under the Debian Buster Stable repositories, this favors its stability and updating, greatly aggregating our experience with the system.

Deepin Desktop Environment, that is, not only a desktop but actually a complete Desktop, is in a growing and has been routinely internalizing more functionality in its own control panel, configuration windows and context menus, thus managing to maintain its visual quality and respecting its so praised UI and UX features.

But now let's go to the purpose of this post, solve the problem of people who use two or more monitors with Deepin, this since the Dock is not just on the main monitor.

To pin the Deepin dock to the first screen you must perform the following command on the terminal:

dconf write /com/deepin/dde/dock/mainwindow/only-show-primary true

For this command to run you need to have installed dconf-cli.

Installing dconf-cli:

apt install dconf-cli

If the dconf client is not installed you will get the return: "dconf: File or non-existent directory", or something like that.

There are other ways to make the change, including outside text mode. However I recommend doing through this command line, as this will change only what you need, without margins for any unnecessary or improper error or change.

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I would like to see an article on this change of this configuration bia GUI, ie out of text mode, via programs with windows? Send your message, it will be a pleasure to prepare the material to assist.