Resolving absence of ppa-purge in Debian and derivatives

With the use of Deepin as a day-to-day distro, I felt the absence of many repositories that are kept especially for Ubuntu. All this would be bad if Deepin Linux was not a large distribution, as well as if it did not force me to practice commands in the Terminal.

In place of one of my sanitized repositories in Ubuntu, ppa-purge, I had to think of an output and created ppa-control.

With ppa-control you can add and remove repositories without always having to remember the add-apt-repository command. It is certain that ppa-control is nothing more than a function, but breaks the branch.

Your repository is on github on the way:

With the commands: ppa-control add and ppa-control removes you solve your life.

Add a repository:

ppa-control add ppa:respositorio/repositorio

Remove a repository

ppa-control removes ppa:repositorio/repositorio