Migrating MySQL / MariaDB database through the files

Hello, if you are needing to migrate your MySQL or MariaDB databases between Linux servers, being the new void, without databases other than the mysql settings themselves, this through the data files (.frm, .ibd, .opt) Follow the tips:
– Files are contained in the /var/lib/mysql path;
– The owner user should be mysql and mysql group, attention to this, as it will possibly copy the files through root. The command to setar the new user and group is: sudo chown -R mysql:mysql /var/lib/mysql
– Copied all folders you will already be able to see the databases in MySQL.
– The databases will be unaccessable, because the new databases are not part of the SDBG dictionary. To resolve this you will need to copy another file from the "old" server. Again I point out that this process should be done only for copying the data to a new server, which does not yet have databases created. The continuity of this step may leave the old foundations, if any, inaccessible. Then watch out.
– – The file to be replaced is ibdata1, it is in the /var/lib/mysql path. Then make a copy or change its name: sudo mv /var/lib/mysql/ibdata1 /var/lib/mysql/ibdata1_bkp
– –
Now copy the ibdata1 file from the old server to the new one, then try to access the tables.

I emphasize that all responsibility of this process is the one who executes it and here we only leave instructions for its own use, with the sole purpose of assisting. If you are not sure of this process, call anyone who can execute.

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