What is Jailed Shell?

Jailed Shell is a viable and secure alternative that we provide so that our customers can access their hosting accounts via SSH protocol.
What differs from jailed shell from normal Shell access are the accesses provided for linux kernel library and file tree libraries. The hosting account owner will have, upon accessing the service, determined their root folder in the base directory of their account. This makes it easy to manage files, backups of files and emails, etc.
The expertise required are basic Linux commands and perhaps Shell Script.
To have released access to Jailed Shell it is necessary to send email to the Support sector, in "suporte@dock.inf.br" with the data below:

– Main account domain;
– CPanel user;
– CPanel password;
– Current contracted plan;
– Email the account owner who is registered in our systems;
– CPF/CNPJ of the Client who owns the account;
– Date of Birth of the Customer who owns the account.