Enabling Gelatinous Windows and other effects on Deepin 20

For those who come from Ubuntu, or other of this, and who use Compiz, one of the things that distract the head in the incessant use of the computer is to make it less square. The gelatinous windows effect is one of the most sought after and used effects, with the entry of KWin into Deepin's life since version 15.11 this has become possible.

To adjust effects on the window and other settings you will need to install an application. In the terminal turn the command bel
ow:apt install systemsettings

The KDE System Settings program will be added to the Deepin menu.

Opening this application will see numerous possibilities of modification. Take it easy, not everything can be embellished more than the Deepin 20, for example, is already by nature. However, if your hand scratches and you make too many changes that can't be reversed, you'll see in another post I've done here about how to restore the desktop.

To activate the gelatinous windows open KDE System Settings, then Desktop Behavior, after Desktop Effects and then enable Tableless Windows, today within the Candy grouping.

Several other changes can be incremented, do with caution. Be aware that some will depend on your available video card and drivers. And if you're a zebra, restore the effects of the desktop.


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