Restoring Deepin's original desktop after changes to KDE System Settings

The KDE customization application available for Deepin brings some cool alternatives such as gelatinous windows, customizations of themes in a deeper way, change of window layout, behavior of windows, among other possibilities n.

What no one tells you is that by specifically changing the window border theme, you won't be able to go back to the "factory default." And we all know and see how beautiful the theme and layout of Deepin Desktop is.

When you change the window frame theme, Deepin Desktop now adds large margins and side spacing stooes to all windows, in addition to the default theme title bar you chose.

To remove changes made to the KDE System Configuration add-on, you will need to remove the configuration file and restart the session. This will be enough for a new file with the original settings to be created, resuming the problem and generating a great relief and happiness.

Below is the path through the terminal of the file to be moved or deleted
:mv ~/.config/kwinrc ~/.config/kwinrc_old

Above I sent the command so that the file has its name changed.

After restarting the session, a new file has been created.


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